People ask why I love childbirth so much. My response…what’s not to love??

Most people view labor and delivery as a time they are not looking their best and don’t understand why others will want to capture it on camera. For this the answer is simple. One day you will not care how big your arms got, how wide your nose grew, how messy your hair was or if your toenails were painted. All you will see in those images is your babies first cry, your partner cutting the umbilical cord, how tiny their feet were, how much hair was on their head and the amount of love that took place that day.

Why not just have your family, friends or the nurse capture these memories??

As much as the nurse wants to take them (I know this being a labor RN) we have so many important things going on that it is hard for us to capture these memories. Friends and family members are great, but they too each have a role of taking care of you, dad and need to enjoy being in the moment as well. Plus most will forget as they are too busy waiting their turn to hold the baby and calling everyone they know on their phone list.

To me the birth of my children was something I never want to forget. You never get this moment back again. You may have other children, but each labor, birth and newborn is different.  Even being a photographer I knew the importance of having another photographer capture these moments for me.

*Note images captured of my birth from Amanda Blank Photography