Creating an image for you takes more than a good camera or nice lens. It is about capturing a moment in time that you can hold onto and cherish for years to come. There are a lot of factors that come into play such as lighting, mood, full bellies, clean bottoms and location. I do not just want to take an image for you and give you a file. I want to take an image and add my vision, my style.

Your investment will include personal emails to figure out best locations, dates/times, clothing, vision and preparation for the session. Each session will have a time frame included in price, but as we all know we work as directed by little ones, and I will do my best to take that into account. After your session I will go through and hand pick the images I think you may like. You may hear my camera click many times though out a session, but that is to ensure I have open eyes and good facial expressions to work with. For Maternity, Children and Family images I will give you the option to pick the images you would like me to edit. For all other types of sessions, I will pick the best ones.

To get a customized price quote please contact me at

****Please email me for price packages as I am in the process of updating my website****


Fresh 48 Session $300+
After birth anytime before discharge (First 48 hours)
50+ images
Please contact for additional information


Maternity $200+

Newborns $400+
3 hour studio or in-home lifestyle session ($100 travel fee for in home)


Children $200+ please contact for different child pricing options


Family $250+

Seniors $250+


I accept cash, check or paypal